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Top Banking Innovation Conferences for 2024

Banking innovation conferences happen all around the globe, year-round. For our team, these shows are much more than catching up on what’s new in the industry. Our top executives invest time attending these shows — often as sponsors and speakers — because our sector is moving so quickly that you need to stay updated constantly. We network, we listen, we learn, get real-time feedback, and create new partnerships.

We have compiled the best and most impactful 2024 events across the USA, Canada, UK, and Europe. We attended most of them last year and found them well-organized, interesting, and very valuable for us. We look forward to attending again this year and taking an active part as sponsors and key speakers. We hope to see you there!

The Best Banking Innovation Conferences for 2024

  • Open Banking Customer Experience Transformation 2024 (Berlin, 14-15 February 2024) - A global event focused on open banking and customer experience. Learn how to create value for customers and businesses by offering personalized, seamless, and secure services, hear from regulators, FinTechs, and incumbents, and get insights, best practices, and case studies from around the world.
  • Finovate Europe 2024 (London, 27-28 February 2024) - Showcases the latest fintech innovations and connects you with the leaders of the financial services industry. See live demos of market-ready fintech solutions, learn from expert speakers on various topics related to banking automation, embedded finance, sustainable finance, and network with senior decision-makers from banks, FinTechs, and investors.
  • MoneyLIVE Summit 2024 (London, 6-7 March 2024) - Learn from the best in the industry and network with influential peers. Hear from CEOs of leading banks and FinTechs, see live demos of innovative solutions, and discover the latest trends and challenges in open finance, the platform economy, payments innovation, sustainability, digital currencies, generative AI, FinTech, and more.
  • The Bank Automation Summit 2024 (Nashville, Tennessee, USA, 18-19 March 2024) - Explores the impact of automation and innovation on the banking sector. Connect with experts and peers in a friendly and intimate setting and learn from their insights and experiences on various topics related to banking automation.
  • FTT Lending 3.0 (London, 19 March 2024) - A one-day show that focuses on adapting to changing customer expectations and behaviors and how to leverage new technologies and business models, such as peer-to-peer lending, alternative credit scoring, and blockchain. Key themes this year include Regulation and duty, SMEs powered by capital, Modern borrower behavior, Nearing net zero, and Emerging lending types.
  • Digital Transformation in Banking & Insurance Summit 2024 (London, 7 May 2024) - Part of a global series that covers different continents and sectors. It’s an opportunity to join the leaders and innovators of banking and insurance in this region, learn how to adapt and transform in the digital age, with a focus on customers and discover the latest technologies and trends in AI, automation, cloud, payments, digital assets, web3, and insurance ecosystems.
  • Excellence in Digital Banking 2024 (Amsterdam, Netherlands, 13-16 May 2024) - A chance to join the world’s top executives, innovators, and experts in digital banking. Discover the latest best practices, trends, and technologies transforming the banking industry, such as AI, automation, cloud, payments, digital assets, web3, and insurance ecosystems. Networking opportunities, such as roundtables, workshops, VIP meetings, and a matchmaking app, to connect with peers and potential partners.
  • MoneyLive North America (Chicago, 16-17 September 2024) - Connect with senior banking leaders and innovators, with various meeting opportunities such as roundtables, workshops, VIP meetings, parties, and a matchmaking app. Gain valuable insights from thematically focused sessions on the banking and payments industry's latest technological and socio-economic challenges.
  • FTT Embedded Finance 2024 (London, 21 May 2024) - Explores the emerging trend of embedding financial services into non-financial platforms and ecosystems. Learn how to create new value propositions and revenue streams and collaborate with other players in the embedded finance space and join the most diverse and inclusive community of fintech enthusiasts and celebrate the impact of fintech on society.
  • Money20/20 Europe 2024 (Amsterdam, Netherlands, 4-6 June 2024)- Focus on the future of fintech. Hear from the leaders in this transformation and explore topics such as AI, automation, cloud, payments, digital assets, web3, and insurance ecosystems. This conference is designed to inspire innovation and disrupt the status quo, with carefully curated agenda topics that will captivate and wow the industry.
  • Handelsblatt Banken Gipfel 2024 (Frankfurt, Germany, 4-5 September 2024) - Debates the current and future challenges and opportunities for the German and European banking sectors. Learn how to cope with the low-interest rate environment, digital disruption, regulatory pressure, and create a sustainable and profitable business model, exchange views and opinions with the most prominent and respected leaders and experts in the industry and get insights from the best practices and case studies from the region.
  • Seamless Europe 2024 (Munich, 10-11 September 2024) showcases the latest technologies and solutions for the payments, banking, and fintech sectors. You will learn how to create seamless and frictionless customer journeys, and how to optimize your operational efficiency and security. They offer a dedicated networking lounge, guest buyer program, and networking app to facilitate networking.
  • Sibos 2024 (Beijing, 21-24 October 2024, Toronto, 2024 Date TBD) - Covers the global financial community's most relevant topics and issues, such as payments, securities, trade, and regulation. The conference examines how digital acceleration, technological innovation, change, and risk intersect with some of the most pressing topics of our time, addressing everything from AI, Big Data, CBDCs, and cybersecurity to cloud computing, ethical investing, diversity and inclusion in banking, and much more.
  • Money2020 USA 2024 (Las Vegas, 27-30 October 2024) - Bring together the most visionary and influential leaders and innovators in the American and global fintech industry. Learn how to create the future of money, and how to harness the power of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence, and enjoy the most diverse and inclusive agenda and the most fun and unforgettable networking events.
  • MoneyLIVE Payments 2024 (Amsterdam, November 2024) - Explore the latest trends and innovations in the payments industry, such as open banking, instant payments, and digital wallets, learn how to meet the evolving customer needs and expectations, and collaborate with other players in the payments ecosystem. Connect with the most influential and visionary speakers and attendees to discover the best practices and strategies for success.
  • Fintech Talents - FTT London 2024 (London, 11-12 November 2024) - One that celebrates the diversity and creativity of the fintech ecosystem, and the impact of fintech on society. Hear from visionary speakers, see practical innovation, and solve industry problems with a diverse and dynamic community. Network with C-level executives, founders, and innovation leaders from banks, FinTechs, merchants, platforms, and technology enablers.

Note: Especially for those occurring later in the year, the themes, agendas, and speaker lists are not yet finalized. Check back for the details as they get closer.