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About Us

Over 10 years of expertise, working for you

For over a decade ezbob has pioneered the digital lending transformation of leading financial institutions worldwide.

We call it the Core Lending Platform.

We understand the challenges and complexity of modern banking and finance- regulations, compliance and IT. Based on that we designed a proprietary Core Lending Platform to be low-code, modular, embedded, multi-product, and for multi geographies. 

Tomer Guriel

Tomer Guriel

Co-Founder and CEO
“If you are in the lending business, we can help you lend better. ezbob enables you to develop your products faster, better and more profitably.”

Our Story

ezbob was founded

Founded as an early and innovative alternative lender, we achieved success with our breakthrough digital lending platform, providing fast approvals and funding for small business owners. It wasn’t long before we reached £1B in lending from our own balance sheet.

Top 3 lender in the UK

We solidified our position as a top 3 lender in the UK, continuing our commitment to innovation and providing efficient financial solutions to businesses.

Pivoting into a cutting-edge

Leveraging our success in creating a profitable best-of-breed lending solution, ezbob expanded its scope by offering it as an open platform to banks.

Clients across the globe

We work with major banks and financial institutions in Europe and the US, from retail to corporate, offering a cloud-based system empowering them to adopt automated financing seamlessly, supporting growth, modernization, and scale-up strategies. 
About us

Our Culture

04 We know your clients
04 We know your clients
Your clients need to value what you offer. We build your solution with a deep understanding of existing end-user realities and expectations to drive impressive adoption. 
03 You do you
03 You do you
We encourage you to stay true to your core, leveraging our open platform that is complementary to your core banking, rather than asking you to change any business fundamentals.
02 Strive for what's right
02 Strive for what's right
No cookie-cutter tactics. We explore and adapt, making sure we end up with the right decision for both you and your customer.
01 We’ve been in your shoes
01 We’ve been in your shoes
Our real-world experience and hard-earned expertise makes us a perfect partner and guide to optimizing your offerings.

The fintech pioneers driving our technology

Tomer Gurial

Co-Founder and CEO

Yaron Shoshani

Chief Technology Officer

Dikla Aharoni

VP Finance

Avi Levi

VP Product Management

Tomer Turpaz

VP Engineering

Benjamine Levy

VP Marketing & Sales

John Christiansen

Chief Risk Officer

Upcoming Events

February 27


Finovate Europe

Where: London, UK
When: 27-28 February, 2024
Showcases the latest fintech innovations and connects you with the leaders of the financial services industry. See live demos of market-ready fintech solutions, learn from expert speakers on various topics related to banking automation, embedded finance, sustainable finance, and network with senior decision-makers from banks, FinTechs, and investors.

March 6

London, UK

MoneyLive Summit 2024

Where: London, UK
When: 6-7 March, 2024
Learn from the best in the industry and network with influential peers. Hear from CEOs of leading banks and FinTechs, see live demos of innovative solutions, and discover the latest trends and challenges in open finance, the platform economy, payments innovation, sustainability, digital currencies, generative AI, FinTech, and more.

March 18


Bank Automation Summit

Where: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
When: 18-19 March, 2024
Explores the impact of automation and innovation on the banking sector. Connect with experts and peers in a friendly and intimate setting and learn from their insights and experiences on various topics related to banking automation.