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Digital Banking, Embedded in Reality – the American Banking Association Podcast with ezbob

This week, ezbob CEO Tomer Guriel talked with Sharon Whitaker, VP, CRE & Mortgage Finance, Mortgage at ABA, on the American Bankers Association podcast episode titled “Digital banking, embedded in reality – monetizing the SME relationship.”

SMEs drive the economy, and providing efficient and profitable financing for them is on every bank's agenda. The challenge is technological - how to leverage existing back-end systems, and add innovative technology that embeds seamlessly into the bank's ecosystem.

“The COVID period showed us that self-service from the customer point of view and from the bank’s operational point of view is a must-have, not nice-to-have.” Tomer stated, “And the digitalization processes [mean that] this migration is shifting to a much more urgently needed process rather than over a longer period."

Here’s what you’ll find in the conversation:

  • Why are embedded digital lending services on the rise.
  • How to bring data from disparate sources can help banks make more and better loans.
  • AI in banking is already here. How to use it safely, ethically, and profitably.
  • How ezbob’s long experience, first as a lender itself, and later as a cutting-edge fintech can make all the difference between developing a successful digitalization product, and a mediocre one.

Listen to the Full Podcast