Our digital Lending as a Service Platform delivers a superior loan application experience for your customer with a decision in just 3 steps
A single portal to service SME loans, commercial mortgages and asset finance
Generate new revenue streams, increase your market share, win new customers.
Innovative Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse serves all of the lender’s users and enables valuable real-time performance analysis.
Designed for banks and financial institutions - our automated digital Lending as a Service Platform enables fast lending decisions and the opportunity to generate new revenue streams and increase market share.
“Ezbob loan software

Fast and Simple Online Application

For both your existing and non-bank customers, applicants can apply for a business loan online in 7 minutes in just 3 simple steps and receive an instant funding decision.

Your bank or financial institution can save up to 80% of the costs associated with business lending when compared to legacy and in-house built solutions.

The application process is automated and secure. Customers can complete the entire application electronically, eliminating long processes and paper documentation. Possibility of fraudulent transactions are greatly reduced.

Now you can cater to both large and small customers on the same digital lending platform.

Generate new revenue streams, increase your market share, grow your business, win new customers.

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“eThe Lending Platform

The Lending Platform

The Lending Platform is a fully automated online platform, enabling financing firms to offer virtual self-service loans to all their customers.

Now you can provide and service loans faster, more efficiently and at lower cost, and lend to a wider range of business and consumers than ever before. Improving your customer’s journey and providing fast decisions will have an instant effect on your bank’s Net Promoter Score.

The platform’s anti-fraud engine automatically processes and validates over 40 data sources and gives you a complete view of each lending application via the underwriter dashboard.

Decisions can be validated in under 7 minutes. You can offer loans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and your customers can receive funds on the same day.

Join the lending revolution today

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The digital ‘Lending-as-a-Service’ Platform
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