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Embedded finance solutions enabling business lending at the point of need.

Ezbob’s embedded banking and finance technology empowers financial institutions and payment companies to seamlessly deliver digital finance solutions supporting the growth ambitions of their business customers.

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Term loans for SMEs/consumers

Modular and configurable enabling fast personalized loans including: intelligent onboarding, electronic data enrichment, smart decisioning, auto servicing, and advanced performance metrics.. New and existing customers benefit from short or long-term loan facilities via a seamless process available 24/7 and detailed repayment schedule.

Onboarding & bank account opening

ezbob’s technology delivers intelligent onboarding and a sophisticated rules engine, enabling a fully digital, fast new bank account opening process. Optionally, this could include granting of credit facilities based on the credit assessment. New customers benefit from a fast, hassle-free, digital, experience.

Credit line and credit card applications

Ezbob’s technology provides support for credit line or credit card applications using intelligent onboarding and smart decisioning technology to deliver lightning-fast results. Customers benefit from auto servicing and advanced tools allowing for both short or long-term facilities.

For Banks

  • Create exceptional customer onboarding experiences
  • Accurate risk assessment through data integration with external sources
  • Accelerate internal development and time to market with plug & play configurable modules
  • Deploy plug compatible components that scale banking innovation
  • Compliant with ISO-27001 and GDPR
  • Proven bank-grade Tier-1 technology

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Enhanced user experience

We offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface making it easier for financial institutions to manage their financial products

Improved decision making

By including information from a variety of data providers we help financial institutions make better informed business decisions

Reduced operational costs

By automating complex processes and creating streamlined workflows, we reduce manual overheads and improve the customer experience

Quick onboarding of new products

We enable financial institutions to quickly roll out new products with fine-tuned risk appetite, delivering razor sharp competitive edge.

Utilizing existing services

Through Open API services we help financial institutions deliver enhanced customer services aligned with your roadmap.

A modular
customisable platform

Ezbob offers finance solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers including seamless integration with third-party providers and your own internal data.

The platform enables onboarding flow creation and configuration for various financial products connected to advanced policy rules, decisioning, and pricing engines.

Partnering with ezbob allows banks to achieve fast time to market and leverage the value of legacy applications with ezbob’s prebuilt modular components, making it the best option for firms that wish to unleash the value of these assets.

Plug and play as you see fit with the platform modules:

User Interface

Data Collation

Decision Engine

Loan Management

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