The ezbob advantage

Your business is important to us. We strive to provide you with the fastest service
on the market. In order to achieve the growth your business needs a partner like
ezbob can change the way you access capital for good. Applying for funding can
take as little as 10 minutes and the money could be available in your bank account
within one hour (subject to bank security checks). Our bespoke technology allows
you to apply online or draw down funding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here are the other advantages ezbob has over the competition:

Funding 24/7

You can apply or draw down your funding 24/7 including bank holidays. Apply online in under 10 minutes and you could receive the funds in your account in one hour once approved (subject to bank security checks).

Funds for any purpose

We look at your businesses ability to service debt hence we allow you to spend the funds we lend you for any purpose, no questions asked.

Pay early and save money

We offer you flexibility to pay your balance at any time with no early repayment fees. Pay early and save on interest. Use us again whenever you require.


We believe in being transparent. All interest costs and charges are presented to you clearly before you electronically sign a loan agreement. Visit your dashboard anytime to view both your historical payment, charges, and future payment dates.

No Debentures
Unlike mainstream lenders, we don’t 
expect debentures or security over 
specific assets before taking loans. 
We may ask for personal guarantees 
to secure your ezbob loan.
Second loan in just 1 click

Our state of the art technology enables you to take your second or third loan with just one click. You never have to re-apply again.

Great experience for all business owners
I'm really impressed by the services provided by Ezbob
applied on Saturday and Sunday within less than 24 hours got money in to my bank account
Your time is valuable

With ezbob you don’t need to spend time to get your business funded.
Apply online in 10 minutes with no obligation. Applying is 100% free.

No paperwork

We don’t require any paperwork for you to receive funding. Simply follow our 4 step application including linking or uploading your VAT payment history.
We are all about speed and good service.

24/7 business funding

We are open 24/7 including holidays. You can apply and draw down funds at any time of the day from any internet connected device (subject to bank security checks).