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Watch On-Demand Ezbob at Fintech Talents Lending 3.0

In February, Ezbob were speakers at FinTech Talent’s Lending 3.0, the conference completely dedicated to exploring the next generation of digital lending.

Missed out? Don’t worry, we have all the Ezbob sessions available on-demand below.

  • Panel Discussion: “Decisions Powered by Data which will explore how Open Banking/Finance is enabling personalized services, dealing with risk and combating fraud.
    • Yaron Shoshani, CTO @ Ezbob
    • Andy Piggott, Head of Lending @Metro Bank
    • Tom Renwick, Business Banking Propositions Manager, Atom Bank
    • Moderator: Liz Lumley, Director of VC Innovations
  • A silver lining for lending - FTT Chat. In this chat, Tomer Guriel (CEO @ Ezbob) discusses the new relationships being formed by banks and SMEs, creating an Amazon or Netflix experience for customers and whether the global pandemic has been ‘good’ for the lending sector.