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Introducing Catalyst+
Multi-purpose, modular lending software.

We believe access to opportunity can be a catalyst for positive change, transforming the world in extraordinary new ways. For us, collaboration is the key to opening up those new opportunities.

Catalyst+ is our multi-purpose, modular lending software empowering institutions so they can overcome their legacy challenges, take the lead in digital and better serve their customers.

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Client projects

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Our modular lending services all run under one roof allowing you to completely customise the solution to your requirements.

onboarding-icon Ezbob Smart Onboarding

Provide a configurable, omni-channel and intuitive experience with real-time identification for your customers.

The onboarding process involves registering and applying for a loan by entering personal, business and banking details. We have leveraged the latest user interface (UI) trends to allow for an intuitive, mobile first user journey which is fully compliant with EU regulations. Customers experience seamless digital experiences using the latest technology, including using facial ID to verify identity and lower fraud risk.

Lenders benefit from AML and KYC validation that is based on multiple data sources, including e-mail validation, device and IP detection, customer screening profile, blacklist scanning, politically-exposed persons (PEP) lists, and much more.

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risk-icon Ezbob Risk

Our automated risk decision engine uses 40+ data sources to ensure your customers get the right lending decision, and fast.

For those lending decisions which cannot be automated, our advanced underwriting (UW) system presents customer profiles in a single page summary. The intuitive UW dashboard allows underwriters to process applications in minutes, so even when a manual decision is required, customers get an answer quickly.

Access a comprehensive view of all customer information gathered from customer inputs, internal analysis and external data sources. Underwriters can drill down into specific information at the click of a button and view additional information about their customers.

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activation-icon Ezbob Activation

Save your customers time with digitally signed for loan documents and transfers within the hour via Faster Payments.

Once a customer’s loan is approved, they add their bank details, digitally sign the loan documentation and, within an hour, funds will be transferred. Customers can log in to their dashboard 24/7/365 to view and manage their scheduled repayments.

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service-icon Ezbob Servicing

Best-in-class business intelligence (BI) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems support the ongoing servicing of customer’s loans, including the ability to manage payments and collections, run marketing campaigns and analyse customer behaviour. Identify and automatically suggest cross-sell opportunities.

A Salesforce plug-in (Pardot interactions or SendGrid) is used to create email templates, configure time based event triggers, and edit all outgoing communications. Tableau is used for analysing loan portfolio and customer behaviour data.

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An open platform built for open banking

Catalyst+ is an open platform built for seamless integration with account information service providers (AISP) & payment initiation service providers (PISP) to fully utilise the advantages introduced by the European Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2).

Open banking has the customer’s interests at heart whilst allowing lenders access to more data to make more informed lending decisions. Build, launch and operate financial products for your customers in the data-rich, open banking environment.

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Ready to enhance your lending?

Speak to our team to see Catalyst+ in action and learn how your business can improve customer experience and increase profitability.

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