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ezbob technology delivers £1b+ to UK SMEs during June and July

The impact of the Coronavirus has had a profound effect on small businesses with emergency funding being at its most critical. It has shone a glaring spotlight on the finance sector to do its part in keeping thousands of small businesses afloat. It has also provided an opportunity for financial technology firms to demonstrate their ability to quickly innovate, build and deliver solutions fast as the crisis unfolded.

At ezbob we feel privileged to have been placed on the front line supporting financial institutions facing a deluge of applications as a result of the Government’s coronavirus small business lending programme. The stakes could not be higher. These are not cold numbers on a spreadsheet.  Each delayed application impacts the livelihoods of people who for years would have worked hard to build something of value, only to see it all being laid to waste.  Pressure from the regulator to deliver on the Government’s promise has added further focus.

The task entrusted to ezbob by our customers has been enormous. Working 24x7, ezbob has delivered end to end digital lending solutions to support CBILS and BBLS in weeks rather than months. Today, ezbob’s technology has delivered more than £1Bn in loans and helped tens of thousands of small businesses to access emergency funding. The result has been high praise across both social media and the press.

There are few occasions when the work we do on a daily basis can have such a major impact on people’s lives. At ezbob we feel humbled to have been given an opportunity to play a small part in helping the UK economy weather the Corona crisis. The Fintech sector is an important part of the overall financial services industry in the UK and has clearly demonstrated its value as a contributor to society.

At ezbob we are glad to be part of it and wish to thank our customers for placing their trust in ezbob.  At the same time we also want to commend our employees for their contribution in ensuring the success of our customers.