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ezbob picks up prestigious industry award for smarter onboarding in SME lending

ezbob, a leader in the ‘Lending as a service’ (LaaS) sector, has won ‘Best Fintech Partnership’ in The Banker’s Tech Projects Awards 2019 for its Smart Onboarding Engine, which is enabling financial institutions to enhance their lending experience.

The Tech Projects Awards recognise innovation in financial technology and are judged by an external panel of industry experts. The Fintech Partnership category looks at fintechs who are collaborating with banks and other financial institutions to solve specific pain points.

The Smart Onboarding Engine allows ezbob clients to build, configure and manage onboarding experiences – using APIs to fully control the customer journey – for all their brands and products (current accounts, lending, wealth) adopting the latest trends in user interface design. It also features smart, real-time monitoring analytics that uncover customer journey optimisation opportunities to lower customer acquisition costs.

ezbob clients can now easily integrate their digital offering with multiple partners such as affiliates, brokers and introducers to expand their market reach. The onboarding technology is built to support user onboarding from both desktop and mobile devices, while remaining compliant with regulations such as GDPR.

User experience is further enhanced with the use of SSO (single sign on) allowing users to move between the various products and brands, securely, without having to specify their credentials each time. And with connections to a wealth of powerful local and global data services, the ability to instantly provide decisions to customers has never been simpler.

It is a solution fit for today’s lending landscape. Banks and other financial institutions now offer many different and independent financial products to their customers, and it can be difficult to manage and operate the respective separate onboarding processes that each perform authentication and verification checks.

Tomer Guriel, Chief Executive Officer, ezbob, said: “The Banker is an outstanding title, well known and respected throughout the industry. It’s therefore extremely rewarding for our hard work to be recognised in this year’s awards.”

“We are proud to power financial institutions with fully automated, consumer and SME end-to-end lending solutions covering the entire lending journey, including all aspects of compliance, risk and decisioning. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to find the solution that best fits their situation, and their customers.”