Digital lending

With ezbob, you can benefit from a pioneering, constantly-evolving digital lending solution built by a global team of credit and technology experts that have lending in their DNA.


A new era for digital lending

As customer expectations evolve and competition from non-bank lenders intensifies, banks and other financial institutions realise that they require a rapid shift in both digital capabilities and strategic mindset.


Many are now embracing the digital lending revolution to improve the customer journey. They want outdated legacy systems to be swept away, replaced by innovative, cloud-based managed services. In light of increased bank/fintech collaboration, they recognise that an agile partner like ezbob can help them to transform their clunky legacy systems.


In areas where a financial organisation is unable to deliver on raised customer expectations, Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS) providers can complement your existing tools, processes and capabilities and drive you towards best-practice digital lending.

With an award-winning digital proposition for banks and financial institutions, ezbob has evolved into one of the most advanced business lending solutions available.

We first operated as an online lending platform, processing more than £1bn of loan applications from SMEs. This experience helped us to refine our cutting-edge technology, which draws on a wealth of data sources and enables lenders to improve their entire lending operation, facilitating faster and more efficient access to finance for businesses and individuals.

Future-proof your operations

Working hand-in-hand with ezbob’s experts, you can implement the best lending technology available to transform your operations, allowing you to focus on innovation and continuous improvement rather than the maintenance of complex legacy systems.

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