The ezbob Advantage

Here at ezbob we strive to provide a forum for growth and profitability within the SME sector. Our primary focus is to offer our customers access to short-term fast cash, transferred directly to your account in the same hour at which you started your application. We’ll provide 24-hour customer service for all your needs from the moment you have your funds and throughout your ezbob experience. These are only a few advantages of using ezbob for your financial needs. Our goal is to support innovation and growth by making access to short-term funds easy, operationally transparent and as flexible as possible using our cutting-edge technology. We aim to keep the cash needs met for the SME sector, offering up to £120,000 in financing and 15-month payment plans, providing expedited service and the funds transferred in less than an hour.

Here are the other advantages ezbob has over the competition:

Access to funds – We provide a premier application process for the user. You upload the business info and appropriate data points, we verify your information and make our decision. Upon approval you receive the funds transferred directly to your bank account within the hour.

Expedited Application process – Traditional application processes can be quite arduous, draining you of time and energy, taking weeks to get a decision and even longer to actually receive the financing. ezbob’s state of the art technology allows for an immediate interchange of customer information, thereby substantially cutting lag time.

Unsecured Finance, no collateral required – We let your business transactional criteria do the talking when we approve your unsecured loan. This means you don’t have to put up any business assets, providing less personal risk associated to the funds.

Use the funds for any business need – Many lenders require lengthy and time consuming documentation as part of the application process, such as business strategies and market analyses, to substantiate the business need. ezbob takes a different approach to loan criteria, thereby providing the customer with more freedom to spend the funds accordingly.

Save money by saving time – ezbob is all about time = money. We offer you a unique opportunity to gain access to financing in under 60 minutes. Cash in your account. There are no bureaucratic roadblocks wasting valuable business hours on technicalities. We get right to the point, and you the money you need. Fast.

NO Paperwork – because we operate completely on-line we don’t require, or use paperwork. In the modern world we live in we have the capacity to function and operate 100% on-line, and you can be sure that saves you and us time and money, while decreasing waste output at the same time. No paperwork helps improve our environment.

24/7 Customer Service – From the moment you become a customer with ezbob, you can be sure to have our excellent customer service available around the clock to help you through your borrowing experience. We even work on bank holidays.

Monitor your loan activity – With the use of your own personalized dashboard provided by ezbob, you can easily check in to see your updated account information and payment plan details.

Pay early and save money – One of the best ways to save money is to pay off your loan early when there are no termination fees or surcharges. With ezbob we give you the flexibility to pay your balance at any time.

NO hidden Fees – Our goal is to provide flexibility through financing with a user-friendly platform that is designed to encourage the borrower/lender relationship through transparency and user satisfaction. Our customers know all their fees up front before the deal is closed, no hidden fees down the road.

Safe and Secure – We pride ourselves on our customer friendly focus as an organization, but particularly in the security of our customer information and proprietary data. ezbob takes every precaution to ensure customer interactions are safe and secure.

Here’s a first-hand look at the ezbob advantage and how you can benefit from our services


P2P lendingOther alternative lendersezbob
Mothly interest rate1% – 3%2%-6%1.75% – 4%
Time to approval-time to funding2days – 3 weeks1 hour – 24 hoursLess than 1 hour
Serving all UK businessesyesyesYes
European Union backed platformNoNoYes
UK Government fundingyesNoYes
Seamless application to funding decisionNoNoYes
Paperless/Online applicationNoyesYes
Subsequent funding in one clickNoNoYes
Underwriting on real time dataNoYesYes
24/7 customer serviceNoNoYes