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Account Opening

State-of-the-art digital customer experience delivers more new accounts.

ezbob Account Opening

The Small Business Account Opening Solution delivers a state-of-the art digital customer experience for small businesses seeking to open a deposit and transaction account. Customer clicks and data requests are minimized, resulting in higher completion rates, and more multi-product sales.

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Streamline your process accelerates new business

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Reengineer your application and onboarding

Ezbob reengineers your application and onboarding, eliminating unnecessary questions making it easy-to-understand and quick to complete.

Thorough AML, KYC and fraud screening

...using real-time third-party data sources is completed in seconds.

Real-time intelligent cross-sell during the application process

...deepening your new customer relationship and increases the customer lifetime value.

Easily integrates with your CRM systems

The Small Business Account Opening Solution easily integrates with your CRM systems and customer data files.


We reengineer the bank account opening process into a fully automated digital experience


fewer customer data inputs


fully automated process

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Let us show you how we can transform your lending with breakthrough technology that will deliver results for your business.

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“It’s easy and it’s quick… reducing complexity and boosts the timeframe. It has been a powerful innovation for our customers.” How we reduced 90 questions to just 28 - View case study
Global Finance Magazine - Innovation Award Winner 2021
Banking Technology Awards Winner 2020
The Banker Tech Project Awards Winner 2019
Banking Technology Awards Winner 2018
Financial Innovation Awards Winner 2017

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weeks, not months

Automated. Accurate. Engaging.

Ezbob can quickly customise its solutions to your needs and operating environment. As a cloud-based platform there is no hardware to buy or lengthy development process needed.

Next-gen acquisition platform

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