Increase loan application conversion rates

Our solution provides a fully-configurable and intuitive user experience for your customers, complete with an advanced A/B testing functionality that helps you to improve loan application conversion rates.

Increase conversion rates with Catalyst+ - ezbob

Optimise the user journey

Online application conversion rates are low. Surprisingly low.


Experian research has shown that there is only a 3% conversion rate in the banking industry, with the majority of eager applicants failing to even complete the required online forms.


Applicants are put off by lengthy, cumbersome forms that require them to locate and input extensive personal, business and banking information. In addition, many online forms simply aren’t designed correctly to fit with mobile devices. In 2018, 52.2% of global web traffic was generated through mobile phones. This was up from 50.3% the previous year, and it will continue to rise. This means that many financial institutions are missing out by not having mobile-friendly application forms.

Our market-leading solution draws on the latest user interface (UI) trends, such as responsive design, and minimal clicks, to facilitate an intuitive, mobile-first user journey that is fully compliant with GDPR and other relevant regulations.

Your customers will experience a seamless digital experience that leverages the latest technology, such as biometrics and facial ID recognition, whilst preserving a short and easy-to-use loan application. The software also enables your team to learn, and easily optimise digital user journeys through A/B testing in order to further increase conversion rates.

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ezbob’s solution helps your customers to complete their online loan applications and drives your online lending business.

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