Improve risk decisions

Our proprietary automated Risk Engine uses more than 40 data sources from across the modern Open Banking environment to help you make a more informed lending decision, reducing credit and fraud risk.

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Digitise credit risk decisions

Banks and other financial institutions see SME lending as risky. This mindset has been strengthened by more stringent regulations in the post-financial crisis world. Regulations like Basel III & IV have resulted in banks further reducing loans to small businesses as they seek to strengthen capital requirements and decrease leverage.


But to compete with innovative new entrants, and meet the expectations of demanding customers and ambitious investors, it’s vital to remain competitive in this space. So incumbents are resetting their value proposition and digitising their credit risk processes.


Digital transformation brings greater transparency to risk profiles, helping you to expand your lending business. ezbob’s Risk Engine allows you to configure and automate your lending decisions based on parameters or your own specific underwriting requirements, including credit policy orchestration, and scoring models.

The platform can integrate with external risk applications, provides automatic affordability checks and draws on the full range of data sources available following the introduction of PSD2 and Open Banking. Data sources are only accessed when needed according to the loan flow progress, which enables cost optimisation.

Once the application details are captured, the loan application is automatically either accepted, rejected, or referred to an underwriter for a manual decision.

Our advanced underwriting (UW) system presents customer profiles in a single page summary, the intuitive UW dashboard, which facilitates a quick decision based on the most important parameters.  It also provides a comprehensive view of all customer information gathered from customer inputs, internal analysis and external data sources.

Serve the underserved

ezbob’s best-in-class Risk Engine leverages the latest technology and the wealth of data available to businesses to inform quick, robust decision-making.

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