It's as easy as online shopping

One thing you can be absolutely sure of is it doesn’t get easier than applying for a loan with ezbob. Ezbob has developed a user friendly and industry leading application process that takes only three easy steps to apply.

Fill out the information to obtain a decision, and upon approval, the funds are transferred within an hour.
It’s that simple!

Follow these 4 simple steps

Create your account
Add your personal information

Create your account

Add your personal information

Enter your email and phone number and choose your password – those are the login details that you’ll use in order to track your business loan in the user friendly loan dashboard that we’ve build for your convenience. At this stage you will also be asked to fill the loan amount that you’re planning to get.

This includes your full name, address, date of birth and properties owned, if any, for the purpose of validating who you are and to protect against fraudulent activity.


Input your business information

Link your business data points

Add your business name, registration number, number of employees and annual turnover. This is part of how we measure your loan repayment capability.

In order for us to get a snapshot of the finance to support your loan needs, we ask you to link up one or more of these sources such as: HMRC, your business bank account, accounting software, payment accounts, web platforms (such as eBay/PayPal/amazon account info) and/or annual reports.

And that’s it, within the hour you receive a decision.
Those of you that are approved will receive the funds wired directly to your bank account and ready for use within that hour.

There are no arduous procedures of bureaucracy and time wasting bank meetings, filling out forms and making photocopies of your life story. There’s no need to waste valuable man-hours to develop and business strategy and business case, put them into writing and develop a presentation of the reason the financing is needed. In fact, there’s no need to leave the comforts of your home at all. Just apply with us online, state the amount of cash needed and length of time to pay it off, we evaluate the data you gave us and respond. It’s as easy as online shopping.

So take 10 minutes out of your day and fill out an application. Its 100% free with no obligation! So what are you waiting for?

* We encourage you to make sure that the person who apply to the loan will be the one with highest chances to be approved for the loan – meaning – if there’s more than one owner to the business, or if it’s a family business and one of the family members has better qualification criteria measures and he’s for example a house owner (The qualification criteria can be found here) it’s better for him to apply in order to get the approval even faster.