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Nowadays it just isn’t possible that fresh produce markets can provide us with our everyday food needs. In fact, the need for the individual specialty food shops have been slowly drying up and you can’t find as many cheese and meat stores that there once were. And farmers markets that used to prosper on a daily basis have been limited to weekend shopping. General shopping environments have become the mainstay and there is nothing more useful than the grocery stores. They are our lifeline, providing us with a one-stop shop to get whatever we need to feed our families. Grocery store owners have to be ultra competitive in this market, with giant retailers slowly slivering their way into each neighborhood and resulting in the bankruptcy of the little guys.

This is one of the reasons a grocery owners need financial support, here are some others:

Retrofit/Facility changes – One of the ways a grocery store owner can stay competitive is to be current with what the competition is offering. This can often mean upgrading your facility to be capable of handling certain product offerings that the competition has already in place. Many groceries in urban environments can require regional specific specialty items that are based on local demographics and require specific equipment to fill that need. For example, my cousin lives in an area where Kosher food certifications is extremely important. Local grocers must adapt to the Kosher food requirements if they want to stay in business. This requires some specific changes and upgrades in order to do so.

Health code inspection/certifications – Many establishments that handle food are required to adhere to certain regional laws and regulations that are subject to change without notice. When they do those business owners have to act fast or are subject to possible fines and penalties for noncompliance.

Cash Flow problems – As with all business owners when times are tough a need develops for cash that can only be solved with one thing. Cash. Financing during these times can be critical to the business’s survival.

Outside influence – Many small businesses, especially grocers, often run into space vs supply and demand issues. Usually the best way to solve these issues is to increase your space with a location retrofit. If that isn’t an option than the business owner can hire a specialist consultant to guide them through the process of keeping their client base happy. Many times these consultants can help the grocer dial into the specific need of its customer base and build off of that need. This is why we hire consultants.

Regardless of the need for the finances it is out there in the form of alternative lending for our local grocers to take advantage of it. As the industry gets more and more competitive, the need for the little guys to keep up with the Jones’s and maintain market share becomes clearly evident, and the need for finance support becomes increasingly important as well. Don’t worry, ezbob has the business finances covered.