Faster decisions for customers

Customising and automating your risk decisioning process with ezbob’s technology allows you to provide an answer to your customers in minutes, not days or weeks.

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Speed up the plumbing

Loan applications can be notoriously arduous for SMEs. In 2018, research from McKinsey & Company found that the average ‘time to decision’ for small business lending is anywhere from three to five weeks. That’s clearly nowhere near fast enough – for many entrepreneurs this length of time leads to failure.

The better news is that digital lending applications are starting to change banks and financial institutions from the inside, giving them the tools to dramatically speed up decision-making. A more dynamic, flexible lending ecosystem has emerged as organisations increasingly turn to cloud-based services.


Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS) solutions offer mobile-first journeys that allow SMEs to apply for a loan at breakneck speed from anywhere. The best technologies enrich a bank’s own customer data with robust credit data, identity information, and risk insights, making the necessary information available online and in real time. User journeys are fast-paced and intuitive, reducing friction and increasing customer satisfaction.


Surprise and delight your customers

ezbob’s solution enhances the loan application process for small businesses, in turn offering cost and efficiency savings for our clients. This innovative technology enables your business customers to receive a lending decision in just 7 minutes, with funds transferred on the same day.

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