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Customers these days have been conditioned, by the mere simplicity of it, to use smartphones and tablets to do their daily shopping from the convenience of their own homes, or on the go. This kind of spending is more than just a new trend; it is quickly becoming the preferred method of processing transactions, for the customer and for the merchant. In fact, maintaining a solid online presence, the practice of SEO and the game that comes along with it has been catching the eye of marketers around the world for a couple of years now.

Those that are serious players in the eCommerce industry know how important it is to maintain a strong internet presence, as well as a quality user interface that encourages the customer to buy more, such as ebay or Amazon. Product development as well as the outreach potential matters just as much. You have to test run things, try a few marketing campaigns, have some failures, and keep on developing. Unless, of course you are a merchant selling prefabbed products made in bulk, then your focus would be more of a quality control approach. The point here is in order to operate at a high level of eCommerce success, those that have already succeeded will say it takes money to make money.

What would an eCommerce business need to spend money on?

Regardless of the business type you have, the point is clear – to survive in the competitive eCommerce field, You need to spend money to make money. Its just the way things are.