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ezbob’s solution enables you to rise above the competition by offering your customers a lending proposition that has been designed to meet their needs. We help you to reap the rewards of increased loyalty.

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The new wave of choice

Fintech start-ups are targeting the areas that are most neglected or underserved by banks. Through careful observation, and first-hand experience as customers, they have identified what the banks can, and can’t, do. They are using this insight to develop narrowly-defined, effective solutions that are transforming customer experience and blowing away the competition.

Customer service is certainly one area where banks and other financial institutions know that they can learn from the fintech revolution. In 2019, over 20,000 small business owners were surveyed by Business Banking Insight, in association with HM Treasury, British Chambers of Commerce and FSB Experts in Business. They were asked how likely they were to recommend their bank for business loans.


The results highlighted a glaring gap in customer satisfaction between traditional, legacy lenders and the modern, digital lenders. Whilst 61% recommended Funding Circle, for example, only 31% and 29% recommended Barclays and HSBC respectively.


Banks and financial institutions now want to adopt these new solutions and take the opportunity to offer their customers this same quality of service – which their customers expect.  They are partnering with fintechs to better understand the new technology and to discover how best to get from A to B.

Increase customer satisfaction

By partnering with ezbob and leveraging our technology, you can unlock a number of benefits, including vastly-reduced decision time, increased profitability, more robust risk management – and, importantly, an enhanced customer experience.

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