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Three simple steps to get funding from ezbob

Three simple steps to get funding from ezbob

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Apply Today - It Takes
Less Than 10 Minutes
At ezbob you are more than just a credit score. We look at your business merits when
making you a funding offer
Applying for funding takes minutes and can be done by completing four short steps;
Enter standard personal and business information, link/upload your VAT records and receive
a funding offer in 60 minutes or less.
If you are an online seller, simply link your online store (eBay or Amazon) to our system.
No paperwork. No waiting in line - it’s that simple
Get Cash - The Money
Is In Your Account
We offer our customers a secured ezbob account, which is accessible only by you. In your
private account is a dashboard which organizes your funding history, contracts, repayments
schedules as well as your ability to request new funding with just one click.

We are 100% transparent in our dealings and you can always pay early with no penalty.
Everything that you'll need to know or do is found in
your dashboard
Grow Your Business
ezbob offers business loans for any business purpose. We see ourselves as partners of your success.
Use ezbob funds in order to :
  Buy equipment and inventory
  Increase staff and business space
  Spend on marketing campaigns
  Assist with cash flow
  Take advantage of opportunities
  Do much more
Our goal is to see you grow
so that we can grow together
Month Principal Interest Amount Monthly Total
Qualify for up to £120,000 in minutes
Our minimum eligibility criteria:
  • Over 18 years old
  • UK registered company (sole traders welcome)
  • Valid business debit card
  • You are a director/owner/partner of the company
  • Minimum annual turnover of £10,000
  • 12 months registered UK business
Submit one of the following:
  • Your VAT online credentials
  • Copies of your last five VAT returns for uploading
  • Your marketplace store credentials if selling online
  • Business bank statements

We Safeguard Your Data!
Rest assured that using our system is completely safe and secure.
We never see or store any of your passwords.
We use 128 bit encryption so that your information is kept private and confidential.

Linking your
data points

You can always link additional
data points from ezbob's dashboard
later on.

The more data points you link
the better the offer and terms.